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1984 .Steinberger XL-2

Very Good
** NEW ARRIVAL ** Being a bass player would be like those lyrics you hear on a classic rock station on a highway somewhere between Tuscaloosa, Al. and Jackson, Ms. How does it go again? Oh yeah, "You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave."

The Eagles knew this all too well and so do we. Seems the older we get, the more familiarity we search for, right? Maybe being a bass player wasn't love at first sight, but over time, when you see that bass sitting on a stand, it becomes familiar and you say, "Hey, it's you again and it's always gonna be you."

Maybe you wanted to dazzle them with hammer-ons and fancy, two-handed tapping but at the time, the ad said, "Bass player wanted." It was the 80's- Metal, hair bands, the new romantics, whatever the reason you wanted to play. You started out with barroom standards, didn't you? But you and I both know you secretly played along with Steve Harris in that 10' x 10' you called home.

This bass right here may remind you of those days; The days you would turn on the radio and hear for the first time what is now known as "the Classics." Brothers, I know your plight. Friday nights was a time of wonderment and Saturdays were indeed set aside for Head Bangers Ball. "Familiarity," they say breeds contempt. Do you feel disrespected in any way by cranking up the music from that magical time, I ask?

If you indeed miss those times, then let me present to you the vessel that will transport you there again. This composite graphite headless beauty is everything you recall her to be. The tone that rings true from these EMG's even gets me giddy and I'm a guitarist. This bass does have a few dings as you can see but that must mean it was played. Imagine that...

Now, where did we leave off again? Ray, drop that needle back down.

  • And in the master's chambers
  • They gathered for the feast.
  • They stab it with their steely knives
  • But they just can't kill the beast.

    They couldn't kill it because they didn't have this beast and an SWR SM-900. Don't ya see? Familiarity is a good thing and a kick-ass bass rig is too, wouldn't you agree?

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