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2003 Gibson Custom Shop Byrdland

Tobacco Sunburst
Exceptionally Fine
You know how it starts right? You're just chilling with your tribe when all of a sudden, you notice on the distant horizon the night is ablaze. Yep, the other tribe on the other hill is just dancing around, hoppin' and what nottin', waving their spears in the air as they pound off the "gorilla dust."

"Gorilla dust?" Yeah, that is the dust that's emitted when you're pounding your chest with force. Yes, friends, that's what "we" did in our rival's parking lot in this good ole' U.S of A. back in the day. That's when you look over at your best boy, give 'em the sign, and then and only then was life breathed through those Jensens with just not any song, but the song that left someone on the floor, mean mugged and ignored.

For some, it could be Van Halen's "Mean Streets," or it could have been Sabbath's "Iron Man," but as for my tribe, it was "Gonzo." Yeah, dat's right people- when you wanted to go all "West Side Story" on somebody's ass, this was the sound. The man that wrote said song was, of course, Ted F'n Nugent. Do me this favor: slide back in that cushy office chair you now call home, close your eyes and drift back to 1978...

Yeah, that's right- you know you had that '74 Camaro with the unsightly dent and no air conditioning, wearing Levi's, a flannel shirt and rockin' those suede Earth shoes. Clarion stereo blasting, beer bottle caps flicking, lighters in the air, just cracking it up as your boys just straight hung with you under the glow of the streetlights. Are you comfortable now? Is this all coming back into focus? Yeah dog, that's when you were cutting you teeth and that's when you were fully aware instead of comfortably numb (thanks, Floyd.) Then all of a sudden, you hear the familiar growl of that magical Byrdland coming straight from those Showmans right into your "right now." How did it go again?

  • I've been there before, I'm comin' back for more
  • I know what you like.
  • Back in town again, lookin' up my friends
  • You know what I like.
  • Madness in the air, crazies ev'rywhere
  • I know what you know.
  • It happens ev'ry night, I gotta take a bite
  • Everybody's Gonzo

    As Paul Stanley of Kiss would often say, "Now come on." If you're a guitarist and you were fortunate enough to understand what I just described, then welcome. You are the last of your breed and believe you me, one day, the Smithsonian will have found one of us somewhere, frozen but fully intact rockin' those Earth shoes, Levi's, and a baseball Van Halen T still on to display.

    Sometimes people, we buy things not because it was played by someone great, but we do so just to feel the greatness one more time. To all of you that were there with Ray and I back in the day, just look back and smile because this new generation ain't got shit on us. You know, I know, everybody's.… what"

  • Byrdland Byrdland Byrdland Byrdland Byrdland Byrdland Byrdland Byrdland Byrdland Byrdland Byrdland Byrdland Byrdland Byrdland Byrdland Byrdland Byrdland Byrdland