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1989 Alembic Elan

If the Veillette Citron bass we have was to be dubbed "the East Coast Alembic," then this gorgeous Elan must be the "West Coast Veillette." Both instruments are wonderful examples of a well-built, quality and affordable bass guitar. This Elan is stunning in appearance and I'll almost guarantee that the bass player in the band coming up after your set this weekend won't be sporting one!

The simplicity of this bass is one of its secrets: you can easily get that signature Alembic tone without having to deal with the complexities of, say a Series One. I'm sure you have to pass some kind f NASA space tutorial to accurately operate one of those basses, especially if you have to make a quick tone change onstage (they also offer 70's B.C. Rich 10-string Bich classes as well.) Nope- all you have here is volume, pan, filter controls and a Q switch. Now it's off the rock-n-roll races. The weight is very manageable at 9 lbs, 14 oz and the 34 1/2" scale length is easy to traverse. Rock, Jazz or anything in between, this bass can effortlessly handle it all.

Simply put, if you want to be in the tone family of an Alembic, but don't want to shell out 6k+, then we have the bass that will easily suit and fit your needs. This Elan made the "I didn't want to put it down" category and got me the "stink eye" because my business partner saw it sitting on the stand next to my desk. For anyone that's ever read one of my bass stories, I think you know what that means. This one's a keeper!

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