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1938 .Recording King Model K, Carson Robison

Model K, Carson Robison
Tobacco Sunburst
** NEW ARRIVAL ** Today, on this special edition of Jeopardy's "Clash of the Champions," we have our last three champions. Let me introduce you to them: First up, 2017 Champion, Jack Goff- a microbiologist with a minor in Oyster Floating from Big Arm, Montana. And, from Intercourse, Pennsylvania, we have Libertarian and Happiness advocate- our 2016 Champion, B.J. Cobbledick. Finally, who could forget our 2015 Champion, a part-time Czar and a full-time heavy equipment salesman, hailing from Why Not, NC., Mr. Rusty Kuntz?

"Ok Champions, today's clue is an Algorithm. Name the correlation between Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse, Curt Cobain, Jim Morrison and Robert Johnson."

  • Alex: "Yes Rusty?"
  • Rusty: "They are all rock stars."
  • Alex: (looking for confirmation) "Sorry, Rusty. The judges are looking for something more substantial."
  • Alex: "Jack, yes."
  • Jack: "They were all 27?"
  • Alex: "Yes, but once again, you have to phrase the answer in the form of a question."
  • Alex: "Yes B.J. For the win."
  • B.J.: "What is the 27 Club?"
  • Alex: "Yes, you've won the "Clash of the Champions" and we are pleased to present to you, from our sponsor, AMC, this Matador Brougham Wagon in Aztec Copper Metallic.

    I know that you know the correlation I'm making. Now, we will never know who or what killed the legendary blues guitarist from Mississippi, Robert Johnson. I also know this guitar isn't the famous 1931 Gibson L-1, but it is very similar to the KG-14 Kalamazoo that he did indeed play before his untimely meeting with the Devil. It has a 14-fret, L-00 size body with ladder bracing and a solid spruce top. The back is a single piece of solid mahogany as are the sides and neck, which is carved with a "soft V," as was the fashion in many pre-war American guitars.

    I'd have to say I don't think I've ever seen a cleaner example of a 30's Model K. You gotta remember- these guitars were built for the cost-conscience player back in the depression-era 30's. This guitar is nothing but a joy to play and for the ducketts we're asking, why not?

    In closing people, if you're at the crossroads and just need to nail "that" tone, then this is the guitar for you. Remember, if you see an ominous, dark figure at the crossroads of Hwys 61 and 49, pay him no mind. We surely don't want you to be in the form of a question on Jeopardy, now do we? Drop the needle down Ray! "What's that Robert?"

  • And I went to the crossroad, mama, I looked East and West.
  • I went to the crossroad, baby, I looked East and West.
  • Lord, I didn't have no sweet woman, oh well, babe, in my distress...
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