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1955 Gibson Les Paul Junior

Les Paul Junior
Tobacco Sunburst
Very Good
On Saturday, at the Spartanburg Guitar Show last weekend, Lee strode down the aisle to our booth, put this case on the table and proudly opened it. "Check it out, Cub," he said with his chest puffed out like he'd just gotten a difficult math problem right. I looked down at this Junior and shrugged my shoulders- it's well known that I'm not easily impressed by things with six strings. Heck, I am a bass player, so I'm always sniffing for old P- Basses and the like. "Yeah, it's a Junior," I replied and was on my way back to doing what I was doing when he picked the guitar up and handed it to me. "No, check it out," he said again. "It's the right year with the right neck," and as he handed the guitar to me, I felt what he meant. The neck on this '55 is perfect and substantial- very different from the '60 doublecut Junior we just sold. "Man, this is baddass," I said and now, my interest was peaked. Clean, original and lightweight. I was now starting to gain an appreciation for what these guitars really are. So all that said, I wiped it down and put it on a stand in our booth- "Eh- maybe somebody will come by and see it," I thought. After all, clean and original clean vintage guitars still turn heads like a half- nekkid girl in heels on a pole...

The next day, a young man and his Dad walked into our booth to check out, you guessed it- this guitar. They looked it over and the son asked if he could try it out. Well, that was no problem- we had purchased a smokin' clean, '65 Deluxe on Friday, so I pulled it out and warmed everything up. The following is truth; That young man plugged this Junior into that Deluxe, started playing and I swear by all that is holy, it was the best and purest sounding combination I heard that entire weekend. First thing is, he could really play. Very nice touch and he actually knew how to coax the tone and volume knobs. I'm pretty sure we all are going to hear from him again in the future. The second thing is, the signal chain was pure. It was a guitar plugged straight into the amp and listening to the guy play made me then realize why so many people seek out these 50's and 60's amps and axes. I will also say that more than a few heads turned when this fellow got busy, so it was a very pleasant way to spend a few minutes on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Sometimes, we find the one and I feel this Junior deserves that moniker. I know there's someone out there that's been looking for the perfect '55 and I think we have it here- give us a call or shoot us an email. After all, we put the ones into people's hands every day! "

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