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2002 .Jackson Phil Collen PC1

Phil Collen PC1
Exceptionally Fine
** ON HOLD FOR BRIAN ** Maybe 10 or so years ago, I attended a Def Leppard concert here in Atlanta with my wife and 7 of her girlfriends. Gentlemen, It was me and 8 milfs sweating it out on a hot July evening and since I felt like the unofficial "girls guardian," I didn't have anything to drink. Funny how I remember the concert so well after all this time.

So, late into the concert, after everyone had gotten their buzzes on, the girls were in the row in front of me and I was riding shotgun behind them to make sure no dudes tried to roll up on them and try anything (most old guys that are drunk at a Def Leppard show aren't in that great a shape anyway, so they would have had zero chance.) As I watched the girls singing and dancing back and forth, it struck me; Def Leppard does it right. By that I mean they show up, still looking like rock stars and for the whole show, they play their hits and trust me, there are plenty of them.

The guys in the band have weathered the years well and that damn Phil Collen was onstage with no shirt and a set of 6-pack abs. You want to see a rather large group of 50-something women get all gooey at once? Just walk one Mr. Collen onto the stage with a Jackson guitar and no shirt- hell, you might think you were at an N-Sync show, for Pete's sake. Lots of screaming and whispering to their girlfriends going on. So I was right- these boys were doing it the way it should be done and for almost 4 decades at that. If you want to sell out your concerts, just play the hits, boys. Simple as that.

This PC1 is in a rare color- "Chameleon" and you can see Phil playing one just like it in Def Leppard's "Nine Lives" video with Tim McGraw. It's got a super neck and has been set up to play as finely as it can- our tech extraordinaire, "Kevin the Magnificent" goes over every guitar before it goes into a box so you can rest assured that when this guitar lands on your doorstep, it will be ready to go. Questions or requests? Send them on and we'll handle them like a boss and now it's time to refresh myself with "High and Dry," which is my favorite DL record...

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