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2012 .Marshall 50th Ann. JCM-800 Head, 1-Watt

50th Ann. JCM-800 Head, 1-Watt
Original Box
Exceptionally Fine
** ON HOLD FOR JOHN ** I know, I know. You're just chillin' on the way home when all of sudden, you get a Rock Block courtesy of 97.1 "The River" or whatever your local classic rock station happens to be. The open bars to Judas Priests' "You Got Another Thing Coming," spark an idea. As you drive on down the road, you think to yourself, "Sure been long time since I fired up that 2203 100 watt JCM."

Well, as you reason on why, courtesy of those 2.5 children, the Wife and that house note that seems to find you once a month, you just smile. You're just thinking when you lift that garage door, "Oh yeah- they got another thing coming alright." That's when the magic happens and that's when you roll out that behemoth from a bygone era. As you stare at this relic from that mystical time called your youth, you notice the distinctive smell that only comes from the heating of those magical elements in those classic 6L6's.

With mighty determination and a tortoise 88 mm, you strike that opening F# chord, your eyes roll back and as if you were in a dream, you visualize K.K.Downing to your right and there before you is the "Metal God" himself, Rob Halford, all leather-clad and of course, on his Harley talkin bout:

  • If you think I'll sit around as the world goes by,
  • You're thinkin' like a fool 'cause it's a case of do or die.

    Man, this is really getting good to you when in your peripheral vision you notice you're not alone. For a minute, you think, well, it's gotta be the crowd from the show storming the barricade, but those eyes staring at you are not those of adoring Metalheads, but that of your wife and the 2.5 in tow we discussed earlier.

    You notice she's tapping her right foot rather quickly. As you lean into her and feel your test increase, you're met with.

  • Her: "Honey, what day is it?"
  • You: "Well, uh, Wednesday."
  • Her: "And what happens on Wednesday?"
  • You: "Uh, Rock Block Wednesday baby?"
  • Her: "And?"
  • You: "Oh and trash night," you say sheepishly.
  • Her: "Baby cakes."
  • You: "Yes, snuggles?"
  • Her: "Unless you don't want grandbabies, can you turn that down?"
  • You: "Yes, dear."

    People, if you don't wish the ire of "the Missus" and the sterilization of "Junior," then let me give you all the tonal bliss of this 50th Anniversary JCM 800 1-watt head. All the fun of the "schoolyard bully" you just pulled from the closet, combined with peace in the Middle East from the one that walks in the night.

    This JCM-1 uses two ECC83 tubes in the preamp and sends the signal to a single ECC82. See people- all tube fun for ya and in case this 1-watt beast is too much for miss "Till Death Do We Part," flick a switch on the back and voila! You're at a 1/2 watt. Men understand the term "half" don't we? So, let's keep her off the "half" speech by hitting the half button for even more martial bliss. What's that Rob?

  • That's right here's where the talking ends.
  • Well, listen, this night they'll be some action spent.
  • Drive hard callin' all the shots.
  • I got an ace card comin' down rocks.

    You see people, that's it. Let her think she calls the shots, but we know "You Got Another Thing Coming..."

  • 50th Ann. JCM-800 Head, 1-Watt 50th Ann. JCM-800 Head, 1-Watt 50th Ann. JCM-800 Head, 1-Watt 50th Ann. JCM-800 Head, 1-Watt 50th Ann. JCM-800 Head, 1-Watt 50th Ann. JCM-800 Head, 1-Watt 50th Ann. JCM-800 Head, 1-Watt 50th Ann. JCM-800 Head, 1-Watt