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2001 Gibson SJ-200 Koa

SJ-200 Koa
** NEW ARRIVAL ** You know, I got people all over this land. They see Ray and I from town to town. Some of them are okay, I suppose and others are just well, all about them. There are a handful of them, however that have this "thing" about them and that thing is call "Integrity." I read a quote somewhere once that sums these rare individuals up:

  • Listen with curiosity.
  • Speak with honesty.
  • Act with Integrity.

    The reason I bring this up in this description is because of our great friend in Texas and of course, this guitar. My good friend in Texas told me the tale of this J-200. Not once did I not believe him, not once was he ever questioned. Why? Well, he's that rare breed with the magic power of Integrity I spoke of earlier.

    My friend told Ray and of I of this incredible guitar and how it was intended to go to its builder, an employee at Gibson. Hence, that's why the back of the neck matches the back and sides of this beautiful guitar. Now, you may notice that all of the other SJ-200's have a bright white flamed Maple neck. Oops, not this one. The reason why is elementary, my Dear Watson.

    As you can see, this guitar is truly a work of art and if you worked at Ford and built Mustangs, wouldn't you pay more attention to the Mustang you built yourself? Well, of course you would. As for the condition? Well friends, it exceptional and I mean truly as clean as they come. The tone is what one would expect from a booming J-200 so in closing my friends, the subject matter was about this Koa J-200, but not really. The undercurrent is about integrity. My friend Jim in Austin knows this all too well.

  • Wisdom is knowing the right path to take.
  • Integrity is taking it.

    Thank you, Jim for knowing this and it has cleared the path to a great friendship over the years.

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