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1976 Gibson S-1

** ON HOLD FOR JAMES ** You know, every time I see a guitar like this, I think of one Mr. Paul Stanley. Yep, Gibson made over 7000 of the Marauders and I think Paul broke maybe 6000 of them himself at the closing of "Rock-n-Roll All Night."

Don't sell these guitars short. Yes indeed, this is an S-1, the cousin of the Marauder and I suppose the S-1's claim to fame is the fact that Ronnie Wood played one back in the day. I know, I know- you're probably thinking, "Lee, what do you want me to do with this relic from 1970 something?" Well friends, this guitar is definitely more than meets the eye. This alder bodied, Bill Lawrence-equipped beast was somewhat of a technical leviathan in its day. You see, because of the switching system that Bill put great thought into, this S-1 (made to compete with a Strat) can really deliver the goods when it comes to tonal variations.

The secret is the 4-way switch, which allows for the use of neck + middle pickups, middle pick-up + bridge pick-up, all three together, and lastly, the neck and bridge out of phase. When the simple, two-way toggle switch is engaged, the rotary switch is bypassed completely and this allows the guitar to emulate the Fender Strat and Tele. Friends, what this means is, "You" can have all the fun of a Strat and Tele at the touch of a switch and may I add for hundreds less. Not to mention you'll also get the scale length of a Gibson. As you can see in the pictures Ray provided, this S-1 is in exceptional, and might I add, original condition.

In closing people, if you want a clean and early example for not that much cake, then here you have it. Good enough for Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and Carlos Santana, then good enough for you and I. Just another Dazed and Confused day here at the 'Elk. Alright, Alright, Alright...

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