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1961 Fender Champ Amp

Champ Amp
** ON HOLD FOR GENE ** We've had a lot of tweed Champs over the years and written many a story about them all. Some were so baddass and growly, we reused a description while others inspired a whole new story, such as this one. I was about to coast and mention ZZ Top's "Fandango" once again, but as I was photographing and listing this amp, I just happened to be listening to Slayer's "Repentless..."

In a word: tone. That band certainly has it in spades and while it may come from a pack of EMGs and Marshall stacks, it's all relative in terms of what you may be trying to achieve. Their tone is aggressive and ferocious and it's widely accepted that their album, "Reign in Blood" is the greatest Thrash album of all time. Period. That said, the "Slayer sound" is what they have been working on for decades and those of us who follow the band will agree: they have achieved it in completeness. The aforementioned record bears that out completely and utterly.

To this '61 Champ; It's tone, when used solely with a guitar is pure and instantly achieves what is known worldwide as the "tweed Champ sound." I couldn't begin to tell you all how many songs have been recorded on one or how many concerts have been played, but this classic little box is perfect for many an occasion. We've always enjoyed it when a client would call us and say, "I'm gonna use it in my man-cave or office because it breaks up at low volumes," or "I'm going to throw an SM-57 in front of it and use it on my next gig." In either situation, this Champ is as important as any Marshall stack in doing what one particularly and uniquely wants to do and that is, get that sound.

The 5F1 circuit in this box is strong and dependable and the amp overall is clean and original. To the player that purchases it, please surprise us and tell us what you are going to do with it. There has to still be things you can do with a tweed Champ that we just haven't thought of yet...

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