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1996 .Taylor 912CE

Exceptionally Fine
Some guitars don't care how you play them, they just want to be played and this 912CE is such a guitar. Whether you are a fingerpicker or strummer, this Taylor sends out the sound that is literally "music to your ears." It's a gem of an instrument and features an Engelmann spruce top and "Cindy" inlays. For as many guitars as we get through these doors, very few make it to the stand next to my desk, but after giving her a new set of strings, that's exactly where this one went and sits to this day. I pick on this sweet Taylor nearly every day, but as my tall business partner likes to say, I still sound like an "elephant tryin' to play a fiddle." Doesn't matter- I love how this guitar plays and sounds, so it's practice, practice and more practice for me until she sells. Now it's about that time, so please feel free to contact us with any questions or requests!

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