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1996 Alembic Mark King Std

Mark King Std
** NEW ARRIVAL ** Nothing, and I mean nothing about this bass hints at mediocrity. It is a shining example of what the craftsmen at Alembic can achieve and it's also the type of instrument I secretly want to hide away in the hopes that my business partner will forget about it's existence. But as sure as that happened, I would get caught playing it and the jig would be up. Even a look of sheepish guilt would not protect me from the certain doom that was sure to head my way. Playing this Mark King 4 is like playing the brightest electric piano; The notes are active, refined, and crisp. This piece has the pure tone I have always sought and the only bass I have ever owned that compared to this one in the tone department was a crazy quilted Mark King 5 that we had many years ago. That bass would still be in my possession to this day were it not built for a giant. That thing had the longest neck I have ever seen on a bass and I just could not get to that first fret (I got short arms) and so it had to go to a player that could realize it's full potential. Last time I checked, it was still up in Indiana.

This Mark King Standard is a beautiful instrument and the more I look this bass over, the better it gets. It has also been very well- cared for, as most Alembics are and the neck is so comfortable and almost effortless to play. It's sitting on a stand next to my desk as we speak and I simply enjoy admiring the beauty of the instrument. It's an exquisite piece and I have to give a special shout-out to the couple that sold it to us. They were very cool and it was a surprise when they brought it back to us at the Philly show. Honorable people, both of them. Please call or email with any questions or requests on this exceptional piece. Maybe this is the year you will reward yourself with the best and if so, we're proud to be of service!

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