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2004 .Gibson Custom Shop Korina Flying V

Korina Flying V
Trans Red
You know, of late I've been all into self development. Yes I know, like I haven't learned all there is to know in the half century I've lived here on planet Earth. No, I need to spend $17.95 plus the government's fleecing to enhance myself. I'm no genius, but I believe that if I'm going through it, someone else has already been through the same thing. Like the Chinese proverb states, "If you want to know the road up ahead, ask those coming back."

My affliction, or Achilles's heel, if you will is none other than the art of procrastination, so there I am, standing in line at Barnes and Noble with the magic bullet, the antidote and the chicken's foot for my aliments. The book is, of course in yellow and red and aptly named "The Now Habit." I stashed said book and eagerly made my way home. I couldn't wait to get the answers from a shaman monk on the what's been ailing me. With coffee in one hand and the "book of truth" in the other, I read on. Well friends, what I read was that the reasons for my condition was that my work/life balance was disproportionate and by my own hand, I had sabotaged my ambitious nature out of guilt and that's where the cause of my procrastination came from.

I know, I know- you're thinking, "Lee, why did you have to buy that book and did you really buy into that crap?" Friends, the reason I procrastinate isn't because of insidious behavior such as sabotage. After much thought, I realized that it's because what I put off, simply put just isn't much fun. Do you think If I were Hugh Hefner, I'd be dragging my ass to work? Hell to the no- I'd be there with bells on. My point is, I didn't possess this trait as a young man. Why? Because I'd only do things that inspired me and that, people is called living an inspired life.

You can bet when Paul Stanley strapped on a "V" on the "Destroyer" tour, he didn't need a copy of "The Now Habit" to make that show happen. Speaking of a "V," this one is what I'd call a "ringer." This guitar right here is made of Korina and the only one in Trans Red that we've ever seen. Go ahead and slap the term "rare" on it right now and we all know what Korina means in the world of tone. It means this guitar has a metric ton of it. It also comes in at an incredible weight of only 6 lbs, 9 oz. That alone should bring a smile to any Flying V lover's face (and back.)

Folks, listen; all of us have gotten lost on our highways, so we are only here to be your tour guides off that dirt road. With that being said, I'm the one buying self help books, but I can tell you one thing- if it isn't a "Hell Yeah," then it's a "Hell Naw" and don't this look like a "Hell Yeah" to you? We're done with questioning, your Honor. Defense, call your next witness...

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