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1969 .Rickenbacker 360/12

You want to see something funny? Sit around and watch a bass player trying to string one of these Ricky 12s. It's actually a comedy of errors, daubed with a few stuck fingers and topped off with a fair amount of profanity. But, after that torture is over, we're rewarded with a guitar that you could literally sit around and play all day- that's just how good these guitars sound. I think my favorite setup with a 360/12 is basically plugged straight into a Roland Chorus JC 120. I could take that sound anywhere and never hear a complaint or a bad word. It's just too beautiful and of all the manufacturers that have produced 12- string guitars over the years, Rickenbacker was the one that really got it right.

These 360's have been on more memorable songs than I can name and I'm sure you've found yourself humming one of them at one time or another. This particular example is from 1969 and is nothing less than a beautiful piece of vintage craftsmanship. The binding was trying to come off in two places, so we sent this girl down to the lair of the infamous Double D and he fixed them right on up. This Ricky will arrive with fresh strings (courtesy of a grumbling me and my stuck fingers), set- up, intonated and ready to play right out of the case. Just tune up and go! As always, we appreciate all of our 'Elks and visitors for taking the time to stop by our little slice 'o heaven, where it never rains and the sun is always shining!

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