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1974 .Marshall JMP-50

**NEW ARRIVAL** Wasn't 1974 a magical year? Well maybe it wasn't a stellar year if you were in the Nixon administration and maybe being impeached would slow you down a bit, but people, this was the year Kiss went out on their first tour. As you read this description, isn't the vision of Gene Simmons blowing fire in "Firehouse" as his Grabber bass droned in the background firing your imagination?

How many times have I seen this iconic amp in an album bi-fold? Only the "who's who" of the Rock world possessed such amplification. Only Rock immortals owned such amps as this to voice their mythical instruments through, or that's what a 13-year-old like myself thought. Folks, this JMP 50-watt is just what you need to slip behind the wheel of that DeLorean. Yeah, dial it back to 1978 and join Aerosmith and the 'Nuge in an epic encore performance.

This EL-34 powered head is all you remember it ever being and the tone is unmistakably "Marshall." As you can see in the photos, it's as clean as a military barracks on inspection day and comes complete with the original cover.

Now, this JMP, as you can see has a master volume mod, but lookit- you won't have to worry about the sterilization of your neighbor's cat while keeping this girl at a manageable volume. Friends, that's a win-win any way you wanna look at it. "Tone from the Gods" at a volume that will keep you and the missus on speaking terms.

In closing, if you wanna "Rock-n-Roll All Nite," we got just the right head for you. You know head's important and so do we. So what if your thinning hair looks like it was bombed out in Baghdad- in her eyes you're still Paul Stanley on the "Destroyer" tour.

What's that Alex? Marshalls and wigs for $200.00. Who is Paul Stanley! You are the grand champion of Jeopardy...

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