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Mid 60's Gibson J-45 Case

J-45 Case
**NEW ARRIVAL** I know, you're thinking to yourself,"my shabby case isn't very becoming and it's the new year, why not be a man of action and do something about this eye sore." I agree with you whole hearted. Why should your nice 175,J-45 or J-50 be in a "Toxic Environment?" Yea, that's a buzz word that life coaches throw around now days, meaning person or state of mind that makes you feel inadequate. Why oh why be cruel to that loving baby .Give her what she desperately wants this year. Yes friends, she's been there through your college years and your ups and downs, so reward that girl. Take care of those that take care of you, I'm just saying...

J-45 Case J-45 Case J-45 Case J-45 Case