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1976 ..Gibson Firebird

Very Good
Disclaimer: If you don't like cute stories, please go to the bottom of the page for just the facts.

**NEW ARRIVAL** Elmore James wrote the song and everyone you know has covered it. The who's who of the Blues world knows this like Job knew suffering. From Clapton to Gary Moore, the song "Dust My Broom" is the very essence of the Blues. As the lyrical content suggests, "I don't want no woman, want every downtown man she meets." That throbbing 1,3,5 progression is purely the foundation of the Blues. The call and response of the vocals is an old trick true Bluesmen learned in church.

Or is it like George Carlin suggested, "White men don't have the blues, they give the blues." Well George, you may be wrong in that respect. No matter the race, a woman can get you down. Why do I bring this topic to light in the description of this Firebird? Well, the best version I've ever heard of this song was done by Johnny Winter in Dallas, Texas several years ago. Somewhere between:

  • I believe, I believe my time ain't long
  • I believe, I believe my time ain't long
  • I ain't gonna leave my baby
  • And break up my happy home

    In the gentle winds of Midland, Texas, I felt the despair and power of knowing what that song truly means. White men do get the blues and no one has ever conveyed the struggle of a man torn between two women better than Johnny Winter. To me, there isn't any doubt that you had to suffer through it to tell such a story with conviction. What I've found out through ""having the blues"" is, it can define you, destroy you or strengthen you. Friends, we all end up right there at the crossroads and we always end up there by our on hand.

    This very guitar has that potential to strengthen you by allowing you to let those blues seep out of you. Like Johnny said himself about a Firebird:

    "I still have all six of them ... but that first one [1963] I ever bought is my favourite [sic], because I've played it so long and I've gotten used to it. They all sound different, but they sound the best. The neck is nice and thin ... there's nothing it can't do. It's a great guitar."

    This Bicentennial 'Bird is no different friends- put a slide on it and you'll know instantly I speak the straight truth. "Lee, is this guitar original, free of cracks and clean?" People, you know ain't nobody got time for getting clowned. The late, great Janis Joplin once said:

    "Audiences like their blues singers to be miserable."

    That may be true Janis, but if your gonna be miserable, at least do it with style.'Till next time guys and gals...

    The Facts

  • Friends, this guitar is all original but has been played. She's has some belt scratching on the back and various dings. But over all in very good condition.
  • As you can see in the photo, she weigh in at 7 lbs 10 oz.
  • The solders are untouched as you can see.
  • In the photos, the neck dimensions are provided.

    In closing friends, this is a great looking and playing instrument. If you have questions, just call.

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