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1985 ..Gibson Les Paul R-9

Les Paul R-9
Cherry Sunburst
Disclaimer: If you don't like cute stories, please go to the bottom of the page for just the facts.

**NEW ARRIVAL** People, I was just chillin' the other day when a good friend called me and said, "Hey, I got a friend of mine and his name is Tom. Tom has a nice Les Paul and I want to put two good friends together and maybe you two can work something out."

That got me thinking of a quote I read one time about friends. If memory serves me correctly, it went something like this: " A friend is somebody who makes it easy to believe in yourself."

The friend I spoke of has always had that innate ability to do just that- guide you to "believe in yourself." Friends, that's such a powerful gift and along with this man's many talents, he has that ability and also the ability to connect two people together in a common cause. This is where Tom comes in. Tom tells me that he and his wife just relocated from California, back to God's country. He went on to say he knew my friend since the early days and that he bought this very guitar from him back in 1985.

People, this is a true one-owner guitar, not one of those "four times over" original stories, but legit. I've had the pleasure of playing this guitar and those Tim Shaw pickups really shine. It is well balanced from treble to bass and everything functions as it was intended to do. This guitar does have a few minor dings, as pictured and as you may also see, she has a few stand marks. But, for a girl of 34, we could only hope to look as good.

As I started this description off with my thoughts on friends, so shall I close. I'd like to thank one of my dearest friends, "Wallace" for introducing me to one of his dearest friends, "Tom." I'd like to thank you both and as with myself as with The Beatles, "I get by with a little help from my friends."

The Facts

  • This guitar is all original and as you can see and has the original case and paperwork.
  • As you can see in the photo, she weighs in at 9lbs, 10 oz. This is a Les Paul, you know...
  • The solders are untouched as you can see.
  • In the photos, the neck dimensions are provided.
  • Short neck tenon as customary for these years.
  • No crack or breaks.

    In closing friends, this is a great looking and playing instrument. If you have questions, just call.

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