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1995 .Takamine Steve Werner SW341SC

Steve Werner SW341SC
**ON HOLD FOR THE ILLUSTRIOUS JOE.B** As I write this, I'm listening to Steve's "Some Fools Never Learn." Now I love me some Jason Aldean, but this sounds like Classic Country for Nashville. People, I really think that "classic" sound I speak of is just what Country music needs to find once again. Nothing wrong with a little Rock, or dare I say Rap in your Country, but it's a bit played out by now.

This guitar, as you see doesn't appear to be very Country, now does it? It looks like the kinda guitar Paul Stanley would use when he does an acoustic set with Kiss. You know, the whole "black with the Abalone trim" motif. But, while this guitar may look "rock-n-roll," in capable hands it can easily go down the back roads with the best of 'em.

Friends, this SW341, with it's slim neck profile and the CT-4B preamp has got the horsepower for any style of music you wish to explore. Adjectives to describe the tone would be "bright" and "balanced" that can easily cut through the mix.

In closing people, if you are thinking about Saturday nights by a river bank and you want your honey to dance in that Georgia clay? Well, I think you just found that musical companion to make such as that happen. 'Till next time...

The Facts:

  • Mahogany Back
  • Cedar Top
  • CT4B Preamp
  • Original Case
  • Neck Dimensions? Please- look at the photos.
  • Steve Werner SW341SC Steve Werner SW341SC Steve Werner SW341SC Steve Werner SW341SC Steve Werner SW341SC Steve Werner SW341SC Steve Werner SW341SC Steve Werner SW341SC Steve Werner SW341SC