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1986 .Kramer StageMaster Deluxe

StageMaster Deluxe
** ON HOLD FOR JOHN ** Disclaimer: If you don't like cool stories, please go to the bottom of the page for just the facts.

Lee and I were at the recent Arlington Guitar show and as most of you know, there are two large rooms. I was in our booth in the great hall when Lee walked in from the other room and said, "There's a guy in a Kangie walking around with a Kramer case. Keep your eyes peeled for him". He might as well have said that they were giving away free chili dogs because I immediately bolted out of our booth and headed towards the other room. I quick- walked into the entrance and started looking for rectangular cases with the famous "Kramer claw" on it.

I went up and down each isle, looking for this danged case until I finally found the gentleman walking with it in his hand. I mean I stalked this guy because I always imagine that there's a minty graphics Baretta or a flip- flop Stagemaster or Sustainer just waiting for me to discover it. Sure enough, when I asked the gentleman about his guitar, he told me that it was a white Stagemaster Deluxe in super clean condition. "Say no more" I stated and bought the guitar on the spot.

Why do we get so nutty about clean, 80's guitars? I can only say that it must be because those were the years when we all played in bands, sweating it out in hot, smokey clubs with dreams of making it big. We wanted to travel the world, wear out all the pretty girls and have the big houses and fast cars that goes with being rock stars.

Now, we may not have realized those dreams on a large scale, but the fun we had is etched into my brain to this day and they were the best times of our lives.

So when I open a guitar case and see a beautiful, white, neck- through Stagemaster lying there, I smile and fondly remember the days when I was young, skinny and had long hair. Guess I always will...

The Facts

  • Friends, this guitar is all original and in exceptional original condition. She has a minor ding on the face of the head stock (knock off a dollar).
  • As you can see in the photo, she weigh in at 8 lbs 8 oz.
  • The solders are untouched and comes complete with the original Duncan's wound by Maricela Juarez.
  • In the photos, the neck dimensions are provided.
  • Will be shipped in an exceptional Original Case.
  • StageMaster Deluxe StageMaster Deluxe StageMaster Deluxe StageMaster Deluxe StageMaster Deluxe StageMaster Deluxe StageMaster Deluxe StageMaster Deluxe StageMaster Deluxe StageMaster Deluxe