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1960-1970 Gibson Les Paul Case

Les Paul Case
Very Good
**NEW ARRIVAL** I know,I know- you got a dilemma; Webster's describes "Dilemma" as a problem with two possible outcomes. The first outcome here, in your case is to go on with that shabby case you've got your prized '69 Gold Top lying in. Now, I know your friends never say nothin', now do they? Kinda like that Uncle that's got narcolepsy. He falls asleep in a plate of spaghetti and yet nobody say's anything. Well, it is a medical condition and maybe that's why.

Or, you can choose to buy this case and end all the snickering that's going on behind your back. Think about this: your guitar is worth how much again? Right- that's why you need this case and this is giving much needed closure to your dilemma. That dilemma is to have or not to have. It's simple people- now pickup the phone and stop the shaming.

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