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1977 ..Gibson Les Paul Custom

Les Paul Custom
Disclaimer: If you don't like cool stories, please go to the bottom of the page for just the facts.


This guitar takes me back to the first time I saw John Sykes black Custom pictured in the insert of Thin Lizzy's "Thunder and Lightning" album. Of course, that being the early 80's, my brother had some seeds in the binder (I had no idea what that's about), but I quickly digress... That Les Paul was black and sleek, like an iconic revelation to any young and aspiring guitarist such as myself.

That era was a time when you just dreamed. You dreamed, of course of becoming a teenage idol but more importantly, about owning such a majestic instrument. As to my experience, I would go down to Jackson's Music Store in College Park, Ga., stand in front of the window and just gawk. I was far from actually having the money to purchase a real Gibson, so I went home with a consolation prize instead. You remember that right? "Consolation prize" were words you heard on a game show as a child that meant if you chose the wrong curtain on "Let's Make a Deal," you would end up with a mule instead of that sky blue AMC Pacer sitting next to where Carrol Marrol was standing.

My consolation prize, or "mule," if you will was a Hondo II Les Paul. But, it did have DiMarzio pickups in it, or that's what the sticker that was prominently displayed on the pickguard said. But to own one of these illustrious beauties would have meant becoming a high school immortal. No more 7th grade dances, it was straight on to rock-n-roll bliss.

Sadly folks, it wasn't meant to be for me back in the day. My Dad, in his infinite wisdom saw that because I was locked into the dream of becoming a guitarist bought me a "The Paul" and to me, that was the greatest guitar in the world. Why? Because, by God it still had Gibson on the headstock and after all, if Kiss only played the best (and that is what it said on the back of their albums, remember?), then I was going to play only the best as well.

Elks, this guitar not only brings back memories, it will make them for years to come and you just have to love that or you wouldn't even be looking, now would you?

The Facts:

  • Friends, this guitar is all original but has been played. She has some belt scratching on the back and various dings. But overall in Excellent Original condition.
  • As you can see in the photo, she weigh in at 10 lbs 2 oz.
  • The solders are untouched.
  • Pickups are original as seen in photos below.
  • In the photos, the neck dimensions are provided.
  • This guitar comes complete with its original Gibson case.
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