B.C. Rich Mockingbird Supreme Bass 1981 Glitter Rock Yellow Pearl


The Facts:

~This bass has been professionally restored by Lee Garver at GMW Guitar Works back in 2015.
~ Complete Neal Moser Mockingbird Electronics professionally installed.
~ New double action trussrod.
~ NOS Rosewood B.C. Rich fretboard with cloud inlays.
~ New binding.
~ NOS Badass bridge and Titan tuners.
~ The neck dimensions at the 1st and 12th frets are shown in the photos.
~ Bass comes in a non-original hardshell case..

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A couple of things about these BC Rich Mockingbird basses: First thing is, with the exception of the mighty Alembic Series 1 basses, these ‘Birds may very well have the most elaborate electronics in bass history. I mean, there are more switches and knobs here than you would find in front of Spock on the Enterprise. Secondly, by 1981, the Rich company was 3-4 years ahead in their serial numbers because only 1000 numbers were available in a particular series. We’re just clearing that up primarily for ourselves since the serial number on this bass starts with “84.”

Now let’s dig into the electronics. The great thing about the interwebz is, if you don’t know something, you no longer have to “axe somebody.” Just a quick click on a few keys and Voila- the answer magically appears before your eyes and so now that I’ve been ushered into the “great hall of knowledge” concerning these Mockingbird electronics, I’ll list them here for easy access:

Control Knob #1- Master Volume
Switch #2- Pickup Selector
Mini-Toggle #3- Pre-Amp On/Off
Control Knob #3a- Pre-Amp Volume
Chickenhead Knob #4- Six Position Varitone
Mini-Toggle #5- Phase Switch
Mini-Toggle #6- Dual Sound Rhythm Pickup
Mini-Toggle #7- Dual Sound Lead Pickup
Control Knob #8- Master Tone

Now what you do with these choices and variables is entirely up to you. It’s eventually going to come down to you, your amp, your hands and your imagination. The masterminds at BC Rich were quite forward-thinking in their designs some 38 years ago and if this particular time machine turns you on, you couldn’t have found a cooler and rarer example.

“Glitter Rock Yellow Pearl” pretty much sums up the attitude on this beast and yeah, I know- your buddy Ted down the street may crow all day long about his beat-ass, bowed-neck ’72 P-Bass, but if you can just sneak into his band’s practice room long enough to plug this leviathan into his rig, chances are he’ll be back at Mazzio’s pizza, delivering pies and you’ll be cranking out “Toys in the Attic” with your new band. Karma, you might ask? Maybe, but as a good friend tells me on a regular basis, “The universe eventually corrects itself.” Now it’s time to go correct somebody…

Product Specs

Excellent (Used)
B.C. Rich
Mockingbird Supreme Bass
Glitter Rock Yellow Pearl
Made In
United States


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