Fender 1957 Cunetto Relic Precision Bass 1999 Blonde


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1957 Cunetto Relic Precision Bass
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Here is a direct quote from Vince Cunetto in an interview with The Tonequest Report, March, 2004:

Relic Jazz Basses are sweet, and we did quite a few. We did do a few P-Bass one-offs, but not as line product. There were two 50’s P-Basses I did with Mark Kendrick that are particularly memorable. The assignment was to duplicate the bass of a very famous player who didn’t want to keep touring with his old one anymore. We made two of them, and now when I see the artist, I can’t tell which one of the three he’s playing!”

I provided the above quote to expressly support the rarity of the bass you are seeing before you. This instrument comes from a private collection and has only recently become available for sale. It is in original and exceptionally fine condition, weighing only 8 lbs, 15 oz. To sit down and play this P-Bass is like it must have been back in 1957, during Fender’s true glory days and still in the period before the advent of the Jazz Bass. In other words, it’s got the neck and the tone…

While in our consignor’s possession, this bass was played by Chris Donahue, a noted bassist, composer, and producer in Nashville. As relayed to me, he was completely thrilled by both the sound an palaybility of this P-Bass and after checking it out for myself, I am in complete agreeance. It’s just one of those exceptionally rare and superior instruments that come along maybe once in a lifetime, so I am appealing to any Cunetto collector out there or working bassist that wants everything a 50’s Fender bass can offer at a less than vintage 50’s price. Questions, comments and inquiries are always welcome and we’ll be standing by to respond!


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