Fender 40th Anniversary Stratocaster 1994 Sunburst


Product Specs

Excellent (Used)
40th Anniversary Stratocaster
Solid Body
Made In
United States
Number of Strings
6 String
Right / Left Handed
Right Handed
Fretboard Material
Body Shape
Scale Length
25 1/2″
Wood Top Style
Body Type
Solid Body

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I would say that in the world of collectible guitars, the “finish line” can often come down to numbers. By that I mean, when one considers a guitar for their collection, one of the first questions is often “How many were made?” Okay, in this instance, that number would be 150. That’s a fairly low number considering the millions of guitars made. A fairly low number indeed.

As to this 1994 40th Anniversary Stratocaster, it’s #106 of the 150 made and as you can clearly see, the package is as complete as you can get. You may also notice that the ring is present- I cannot tell you how many times one of these rare guitars has been offered for sale in the past and you guessed it- the ring has been plundered. Pilfered, pawned or purloined- it’s just gone and that could kill the deal for many, but we’re all in high cotton with this particular package. That ring is still in its box and in the case.

Now, out of the 150 guitars in this run made, this one is particularly different and unique. All of these Strats were numbered DE-3 xxx of 150 on the back of the headstock, but this one says “106 of 106.” How it ever made it out of the Custom Shop is beyond me, but here it sits, in all its glory. I would bet a new puppy and a pack of cigarettes that this was the only guitar numbered like it is and if that is truly the case, then this #106 could easily be considered as the most desireable of the run.

While we never like to call anything “mint,” which would imply that something is perfect and without flaw, this guitar is darn close. It’s in unplayed condition and the orange dot is present on the trem arm hole, as from the factory. If you are a connoisseur of collectible Fenders, then this 40th Anniversary Strat and package should be considered as a potential future cornerstone of your collection. Please always feel free to contact us with comment, questions or requests- we welcome them all!


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