Fender Cunetto Relic Stratocaster, ’60 Reissue 1997 Burgundy Mist


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Mint (Used)
Cunetto Relic Stratocaster, ’60 Reissue
Burgundy Mist
Solid Body
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United States

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“ON HOLD” As with certain guitars, we feel it’s better to provide specific details about the guitar as opposed to taking you on a journey into time and space. That would be the case with this Cunetto relic’d Stratocaster from 1997. It’s a spectacular piece and one worthy of any collection, we think.

This Strat weighs exactly 7 lbs, 6 oz and with it being a 1960 reissue, you would think it has a huge baseball bat sized neck, but it’s not like that at all. The neck is a medium “C” shape with measurements of 0.88″ at the 1st fret and 10.14″ at the 12th. The date coding on the back of the neck heel indicates that this guitar was made on the July 10th 1997 and was the 23th guitar built in the batch. That said, some of the rarer colors, like on this guitar, were produced in small numbers or custom-ordered one-offs. The final inspection was done by John Cruz, hence the reason his name is also stamped on the heel. All of the required body stamps that identify this Stratocaster as a Cunetto relic are present and accounted for and the guitar sounds fantastic. Trust me when I say Lee put a couple of vintage Fender Tweeds through their paces and I think we all enjoyed that little session a good bit.

The rarity and collectibility of this Strat are assured from the first time you hold it. It’s an exceptionally easy guitar to fall in love with, so in that spirit, it’s time to put it into the hands of a guitarist that deserves and wants it. Please feel free to call or email with any questions and thanks as always for stopping by the Land of the Elks!


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