Fender Cunetto Stratocaster 1996 Diamond Edition


The Facts:

Original Hard-shell case with Leather Bag.

Case Candy with C.O.A and catalog plus strap and goodies.

Neck Dem: 1st fret. 0.891 12th fret:1008

Weight: 7Lbs 11 Oz



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Hello friends and thank you once again for showing up.
This guitar as you know is a bit of a rarity.  You probably know the story of Cunetto’s so I will not bore you with such.
The rarity about this guitar is that it’s a Diamond Edition and limited to only 200.

These Cunetto’s, some of you may know, that I myself collect. Well, they are a first of their kind, kinda thing
now aren’t they? Way before Gibson did their first aged job in 99, these we’re already in production (Thanks to Keef) in 1995.

These guitar’s for sure feel and look like a guitar that’s had a few years put on her.
With their 9.5 Radius neck, even the most discriminating will agree, that’s these girls
were born to run.

The color of this guitar is striking as well and as you can see this guitar comes with all paperwork
that make’s a collector type go Hmm. See there people, this guitar was built to inspire. Grab it today,
because, Sometimes later becomes never, Do it now.


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