Fender Jimmy Bryant Custom Telecaster 2003 Blonde


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Jimmy Bryant Custom Telecaster
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As a child growing up in the slightly rural Red Oak, Ga. in the 60’s and 70’s, I was bombarded every day with the Country music of those times (mostly from the backseat of my mother’s Dodge Monaco station wagon.) From George Jones to Marty Robbins to Waylon Jennings, if it was on the radio, I heard it. What I didn’t know was that Jimmy Bryant wrote Waylon’s hit song, “Only Daddy That’ll Walk the Line,” but in doing a little research on Jimmy, I found that song and thanks to the miracle of YouTube, was transported back to 1968.

I also discovered that Jimmy Bryant was born in Moultrie, Ga., so I feel like we’re representing a homegrown brother with the offering of this fairly rare, 2003 Custom J. Bryant Tele. I say fairly rare- I’ve never seen one in person before, so when Lee walked in with it, I now understand why he was a little excited. This particular guitar is #14 of a run of only 34 and I’ll take that- it’s right in the middle of the bunch. The package includes the COA, case candy, strap and framed advertisement for the guitar. That’s a nice, tidy collector’s package if there ever was one and I hope we can stir up the pot of our Fender Custom Shop collectors out there with this presentation. I think the guitar deserves a list of the features for anyone that will be interested, so here they are:

Premium white blonde ash body
Nitrocellulose finish
One-piece maple rounded C-shaped neck
Fender/Gotoh vintage-style tuners
9-1/2″ radius fretboard
21 vintage-style frets
2 custom Nocaster vintage Tele single-coil pickups
Master volume knob
Master tone knob
3-position blade switch: bridge, neck with tone control, neck with no tone control
Nickel/chrome hardware
Single-ply black pickguard with custom hand-tooled leather overlay
25-1/2″ scale length

We are excited to have this great, early-2000’s Custom Shop piece here because, in the end, we’re collectors and players too and truth is, we just don’t see guitars like this one every day. Trust us, it’s going to make a truly great Christmas present for some Tele fan out there, so send in those calls and emails. Now I got some more Waylon to listen to- gonna go back to that Monaco station wagon…


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