Fender Precision Bass 1966 Candy Apple Red


1966 Fender Candy Apple Red P-Bass

Original Hard-shell Case

Original Through out

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Hello Friends,
What I have here is maybe what you’ve been waiting for.
You know a brother was out promoting the “Atlanta Guitar Show,” (I know, a shameless plug) in Birmingham, Alabama.

I walked into a shop in the heart of town, when a distinguished gentleman approached me.

Distinguished gentleman: “Hello there and how are you?”

Me:”Couldn’t be better and I would like to ask you are you coming to the guitar show?”

DG: Haven’t heard of such and btw, do you buy guitars?”

You can see where this going right? I’m trying my best to get him to display at my show and he’s doing his best to
keep the lights on, so to speak.

Friends, did I get him to come to our show? Nope, but I did walk out with not one but two consolation prizes.
This gorgeous 1966 P-Bass is the first of the two.

This bass is nothing short of Fender P-bass goodness. Not only is the bass in exceptional condition, but she’s also
as original as you would come to expect from us here at the elk.

As you can see in the photo’s, the pickups and pot’s are undisturbed since this bass conception back in 1966.
The color of the bass is still true and original in all aspects. As you may also see, this bass has her original case
with the logo of the original owners band “Goodspeed.”

As for my encounter with the “Distinguished Gentleman?” Well, I learned a valuable lesson.
When you’re playing the lead in your own show, it’s all about you.
Well, that was a pleasant way that I learned the lesson of it’s not all about me.


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