Fender Precision Bass 1984 Sienna Sunburst


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Precision Bass
Sienna Sunburst
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You give me an early 80’s P- bass, a loud, bumblebee guitarist, and an overplaying drummer and I’ll show you how to smack two guys in the mouth at the same time without ever raising a hand. These instruments are the Ford Mustangs of the bass world and you can depend on them to deliver the goods, night after night, time after time. This particular P- Bass is a perfect example of Fender finery; The neck is a very comfortable, medium C” shape and feels great in my hand. The Sienna Sunburst color is true and seductive over a nicely grained Ash body and the tone is bright, full and throaty. Want to fill up a club with big, round bottom end (and I don’t mean on the dance floor?) Plug this beast into a big rig and let it do the work. It’s bright and snappy on the high end and the bottom sounds like a cannon of boom. It’s basic, dependable and a true 4- string workhorse that will not fail you when called upon.

At 9 lbs even, it’s easy on your back, so doing four sets with it will be a breeze. Everything else in the band is based on what you play or it’s a big, trebly mess that will send the patrons streaming for the door. I have to let it be known that, although the headstock says 1983, the pots say ’84, so we’re gonna go with that. Investment grade and ready to perform- that’s how we do it here at the ‘Elk and now, without further adieu, let me have a go at being funny:

Q- How do you get a guitarist off your front porch?
A- Pay him for the pizza…


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