Fender Reverb Tank 1964 Brown


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Have you ever heard the term, “Icing on the cake?” It can mean different things to different people, but to musicians, especially those who love vintage gear, it means “that extra cool piece” or when describing your latest haul to your buddies, “Look what else I got!” That’s exactly where this ’64 Reverb Tank steps in and to be able to sit it on top of your Princeton or Deluxe means that, once again, you got more than your money’s worth.

There must be thousands of guitarists out there that have a  gorgeous, non- reverb vintage amp and the only thing you can do is turn it up until the tone begins to break up. That’s all you have and we get it- distortion can be both dry and livable, but what about the times when you need a sweet, silky clean tone for the breakdown in that love song coming up? Again, that’s where this tank will come in handy and while many of you six-stringers may have a myriad of pedals to choose from, none of them can truly replicate the warm, tubey reverb that is produced by this vintage box. There’s a reason Fender worked so hard to design and set these tanks apart as separate pieces- you cannot fit the performance of a ’64 Reverb tank into a metal box the size of a mousetrap. It just ain’t going to happen.

So whether you have a recording studio or your next gig is at the local watering hole (complete with chicken wire in from of the stage,) this vintage Fender tank will perform beyond expectation in any setting. Trust us- it can take a direct shot from a flying PBR bottle a lot better than your made-in-Slovenia reverb pedal can. It’s just the nature of being American-made!


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