Gibson Les Paul R9, Brazilian 2003 Cherry Sunburst


Product Specs

Mint (Used)
Les Paul R9, Brazilian
Cherry Sunburst
Solid Body
Made In
United States
Fretboard Material
Number of Strings
6 String
Right / Left Handed
Right Handed
Body Shape
Single Cutaway
Body Type
Solid Body

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Today class, I’m gonna introduce to you in Psychology 101, the theory of Cognitive Dissonance. The concept, (like I’m Bob Newhart over here) is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs.

In layman’s terms, it’s kinda like spotting that hot chick in a halter top and Daisy Dukes at the family barbecue only to discover she’s your long-lost, 1st cousin on your Aunt Philly’s side of the family. “If only she could’a been my 2nd cousin,” you think as you drink your Pabst while playing corn hole with your Uncle Jim.

That’s what I think of when I think of a dyed in the wool, washed in the blood, Fender Telecaster player- Cognitive Dissonance. Now I’m not suggesting anything to you. If you need reassurance, let’s just think about one of the most prolific Les Paul players ever to grace the stage or studio. That player (Dude, Jimmy Page) actually started out his career with a Tele. Correction- an Esquire, only to find this dissonance I speak of.

I’m quite sure Robert Planet rolled up on him (with that sock in his britches) talkin’ bout, “Hey Mate. Me likes your tone in the studio but it buggers all in the bottom end, you know? We have to play our gigs and the Les Paul you have is an ace, but that Esquire is a bit of a damp squib. If you don’t address this, Jimmy me and me boys will give you quite the bollocking and then we’ll have to throw you in the boot.”

Robert Plant knew all too well what Jimmy needed to project while playing live. An Esquire is a great guitar but not compared to “The Almighty”, now is it? As for this guitar? You guys know what we do and you just know this guitar is clean, clean, and might I add- clean. We don’t need to go down the path of investments or investment grade. I can’t call it, but this is coming from the genius that didn’t buy Ford stock at a dollar a share. With the CITES treaty and 674 to speak of, I suppose that may impose the “supply vs demand” concept.

You see my friends, I know this cognitive concept well. My business partner is only 3′ 6″ and thinks he’s 6’3″. I wonder (if only to myself) what Ray thinks about when he’s wearing those Sonny Bono stacked heels while sittin’ on a phone book, driving? I suppose in the land of Lilliput, he thinks he’s Gulliver. Class, did you get the concept? I’m glad to be of service- ’till next time guys…


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