Gibson Les Paul R9, Brazilian 2003 Cherry Sunburst


Product Specs

Excellent (Used)
Les Paul R9, Brazilian
Cherry Sunburst
Solid Body
Made In
United States
Fretboard Material
Number of Strings
6 String
Right / Left Handed
Right Handed
Body Shape
Single Cutaway
Body Type
Solid Body

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Today we are speaking of numbers. Let me present to you the facts: Fact is, Gibson produced 671 Les Paul R9’s with Brazilian fretboards. Now there are roughly 7 Billion people that inhabit this earth. With that being said, there are maybe 1 in 200 who really play guitar compared to just having a couple of chords memorized without any theoretical background. That leaves about 1,000,000 people worldwide who actually play music, rather than regurgitate fingerings. One million fellow guitarists, so people, let’s do the math.

1 million divided into 671 is your chance of owning one of these Les Pauls. I know- you wanna know your odds, right? The correct answer is: 1 out of every 1490 guitarists have that opportunity. Now, with that logic in place, how many of these guitars are in original unmodified condition? OK, and how many of these are in collector quality condition? Now you get the scope of what I’m saying and you know this is a basic economic lesson I’m presenting to you. Supply vs demand. These guitars are now and will be in the future in high demand. This 9 lb bundle of joy is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye but also will be an asset in your future.

Let me just say this: Why do you think Warren Buffet is so wealthy? Vision people, vision. Most of us sell when the market is soft, but the correct answer would be to buy. Someone once wrote, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight and no vision.”

Am I speaking to you guitarists? You know as well as I do that Gibson Les Pauls are the cornerstone of guitar collecting. Do what’s right for you! This is like buying Apple stock in 1974. Somebody did and that someone you ask? The person with vision. Now carry on with your baddass selves…


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