Gibson LG-2 1951 Tobacco Sunburst


Product Specs

Very Good (Used)
Tobacco Sunburst
Made In
United States
Right / Left Handed
Right Handed
Number of Strings
6 String

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You know of course, Ray and I were just chillin’ up in Nashville when all of a sudden, this baby you see appeared. After a thorough inspection, with Ray hiding behind the wall of social anxiety (because we normally buy minty guitars,) I decided to buy this little baby.

“Tone,” people- that’s what I speak of. There is a good reason this guitar has playwear. This has got to be the “BEST” sounding LG series guitar I’ve ever bought. Now mind you, I’ve bought near-mint examples from the 40’s and 50’s, but this one is hands down the best sounding of them all.

Maybe this guitar is like seeing a woman in a dimly lit room. At first glance, you can tell she’s an older woman with a few fine lines, but you just know she had her day. Back to Nashville…

Everyone that came to our booth that weekend played her; Hell, I couldn’t keep my hands off of her either. This LG-2, like the aforementioned woman I spoke of has some dings and donks, but mind you, she has no cracking. For the astute ones, I know you noticed that this guitar is a second. Must be because the tone is second to none…

In closing people, if you want a guitar that sounds like more than what you’re paying for, you’ve found it. This guitar comes with the original gator case and as for a neck set? She doesn’t need one- all she needs is a lap to sit in, a fine glass of bourbon for you to sip on and a pick. Simple really people, so little time, so many guitars, but believe you me, this is “The One.” Don’t believe me? Ask Ray- he’s a bass player and couldn’t seem to put her down. Can you dig it? I thought so…


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