Ibanez SR800LE 1987 Caribbean Blue


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Very Good (Used)
Caribbean Blue
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Many bass players like these vintage Soundgear basses for various reasons, so I’ll have to give my top two. The first is that I’m a big fan of that little ‘ol thrash band from San Francisco, Testament. Their bassist, Greg Christian wore an old Ibanez SR bass out on their earlier records and even with the music being as frantic as it was, that Soundgear tone punched through with flying colors.

The second reason I love these basses is their necks. Fast, long and as skinny as Olive Oil in an old Popeye cartoon, they are nothing short of a joy to play. So easy on the hand and again, the tone of these basses is both unique and solid. You have to love a bass package that’s literally under $500.00 and is capable to perform as a professional instrument in virtually any situation. This one’s Caribbean Blue and is in very good condition- she’s got a little belt wear and a couple of dings, but the bass plays and sounds like a ton of bricks. Somewhere out there is a bass player that knows exactly what I’m talking about and that is the guy I’m speaking directly to- give us a call or shoot us an email on one of the coolest basses on the planet!


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