Jackson Concert Bass 1988 Slime Green


The Facts:

21-fret, 34″ Scale Neck
Ebony Fretboard with Sharkfin Inlays
Low Impedance, Active Electronics
Jackson Pickups
Neck-thru Body Design
Some chips in finish along the edge of the body and headstock
This bass weighs in at 8 lbs, 13 oz
Neck thickness at the 1st and 12th frets provided, as seen in the photos
Hardshell Case

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If there were ever a bass and accompanying player that were underrated in Rock music, they would be the Jackson Concert Bass and one Mr. Dave Ellefson. Together, these two icons of Heavy Metal have produced some of the greatest bass riffs ever to be written, beginning with the opening lines of “Peace Sells” and eclipsing with the moody rumblings of “Dawn Patrol,” from the perfect and incomparable, “Rust in Peace.” Both bass lines have inspired many a young Metal bass player to head to the bedroom to work out the licks before the next band practice, I being among them.

The comparison between Megadeth and GrinningElk is both surprising and almost uncanny. Because there were two “Daves” in the band, Mustaine called Ellefson “Junior.” Ironically, Lee calls me “Cub.” Different names, but the meaning is the same. I imagine a time early on in the band’s career when Mustaine sat Ellefson down and said, “Look, Junior. I’ma need you to take care of of the mechanics of the band so I can write these songs. You wanna get paid, don’t you?” Junior looked at Mustaine and said, “Hell yeah I wanna get paid,” and Mustaine said, “Right. I’ll take care of this and you take care of that.” 38 million records sold later, it looks like the chemistry and roles lined up just as they were meant to be.

Similarly, it was the same with GrinningElk. Early on in the company’s history, Lee and I were driving in the van late at night on some dark road in the middle of nowhere. We were talking about the guitar show we had just had just pillaged (meaning that the van was full of cool gear) and how the weekend had went. Lee looked over at me and said, “Look Cub. I’ma need you to handle the booth and take care of the mechanics of the show so I can go over that room and get some gear bought. You wanna get paid, don’t you?” I didn’t look over at him (because I was driving,) but I said, “Hell yeah I wanna get paid,” and Lee said, “Right. I’ll take care of that and you take care of this.” 19 years and thousands of guitars later, it looks like the chemistry and roles lined up just as they were meant to be.

I’ve had my way with a couple of Concert basses over the years and they never disappointed. They are pure and uncomplicated Rock machines that are meant to do one thing and do it well: lay down the bottom end with the aggression and attitude of a hungry Honey Badger. With this bass being in the rare “Slime Green,” it stands out from all others in both looks and tone. Consider it a sort of “time machine,” because from first glance, it immediately takes you back to those great, glory days of Metal and brings a grin to your face. A Heavy Metal grin, that is…

Product Specs

Very Good (Used)
Concert Bass
Slime Green
Made In
United States


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