National Glenwood 95 1962 Vermillion Red


The Facts:

As you can see in the photo, she weighs in at 7 lbs, 9 oz.
The solders are untouched and original.
In the photos, the neck dimensions are provided.
This National is all original.
The condition is Exceptional, of course.
No breaks.
This one comes with the original hardshell case. That’s almost impossible to find with these nowadays.


As if a Gibson Explorer mated with a 50’s toaster oven, right? You can’t possibly describe a National 95 without mentioning that bizarre, Gumby headstock. As if the engineers for this model ate mushrooms while watching “Forbidden Planet.”

While not the only National guitar to utilize the distinct “Map” body shape, the Glenwood model was made with the same “Res-o-glass” material as found on the JB Hutto Supro guitars (aka the Jack White model.)

Back in the day, this was cutting edge technology that used the latest guitar manufacturing miracle- Res-o-glass, which for the uninitiated, is actually just molded fiberglass. According to my Gruhn Guide, the serial number places the manufacture firmly in ’62 and may I add a first year for this model.

This 95 has two beefy single coil pickups, designed by Ralph Keller to deliver that unmistakable Res-o-glass tone. In addition to the master volume, each pickup has a separate volume control and bass cut pot for remarkable tonal possibilities. As you can see, this girl has more knobs and switches than Janet Jackson has costume malfunctions.

So if your playing Arlen Roths “Laughing at the Blues” while watching “The Thing From Another World,” I got the guitar for ya. In short, if flying saucers and blue eyed soul are your thing, might as well go the whole nine yards, right?

If you order now, I’ll have my business partner personally deliver this to you, dressed in a rebreather space suit with a Ray Gun and his wonkyed chimp, Debbie the Bloop, of course straight from the Jupiter II. No doubt we’ll go the extra mile for you- even galaxies.

Product Specs

Excellent (Used)
Glenwood 95
Vermillion Red
Made In
United States
Number of Strings
6 String
Right / Left Handed
Right Handed
Body Type
Semi-hollow Body
Body Features
Body Shape
Single Cutaway


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