PRS, Paul Reed Smith Artist I 1992 Amber


Product Specs

Excellent (Used)
Paul Reed Smith
Artist I
Solid Body
Made In
United States


If memory serves me correctly, these guitars were made between 1991 and 1993. Yes, friends, Paul mixed up a batch of two hundred of these delightful, delicious, delectable, dazzling Dames. See- I think the secret to the tone of these guitars is in the ingredients.

The thin finish that lets this guitar breathe comes to mind, not to mention the Artist pickups that are hot as a pistol in an Atlanta pawnshop. Paul is no stranger to “attention to detail-” just check out the Rosewood overlay on the headstock and for you Maple lovers, please admire the top on this monster. This guitar has a top that will make any Les Paul lover green with envy.

Of course, the Volume/Tone/Rotary knob comes stock and holds down the rhythm section and for your tonal delight, we have a tremolo. Believe you me, you can really make this into a dive-bombers delight quite easily. Why? It’s simple really; It’s the 11-degree headstock angle and a graphite nut, naturally. Of course, you just know this guitar has the Wide/Fat neck profile for a comfortable ride, year after year.

Condition? Really, people- you know us and we know you. This guitar has a couple small indentations, but I’d say it’s in exceptional condition, as usual. Sorry folks, no funny story today cause this guitar is all business. Let us know how we can be of service and as always, ‘Elk operators are on standby. Thanks for choosing us!


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