Rickenbacker 345 1966 Fireglo


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As we rolled into 2018, I told Lee to grab something cool out of the vault to be the first guitar of the year. He didn’t even look up from his work, so I assumed (incorrectly) that I was being ignored so when he walked into the Elkcave with this Ricky 345 in hand, the first thing I thought of was the Beatles and the Byrds. Here’s why…

The mere sight of this guitar brings to mind the names of a few bands that played these instruments way back in “the day.” That would be “the days” when McGuinn, Harrison, and Lennon were writing music that would stand the test of time all these decades later. While none of these gentlemen were what we would call “guitar heroes,” their songs are still played in commercials, still streamed and downloaded and still hummed some 50+ years or so after they were written. I’d say that is a pretty strong testament to the quality and artfulness of their work and I would bet that somewhere out there on the planet, somebody has recently caught themselves singing the words to “Turn! Turn! Turn!” or “A Hard Day’s Night.”

That said, I’m not sure if the kids today give a Texas poop about either of those bands- all I see coming from them is a bunch of EDM music and their walking around in circles, staring into their iPhones. But to the millions of guys and gals that loved the music of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, this is a very cool reminder of our glorious past. Clean, vintage Rickenbackers are scarce at best, so with this 345 being in original and collector quality condition, you’ll have yourself a unicorn, or “hen’s tooth” as we like to say down here in the South. The original case is in like condition and we feel that this package is a shining example of what you will be seeing from us in the upcoming year. As always, we appreciate your visits to ‘Elkland and are at the ready to answer any questions or requests!


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