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1974 .Marshall JMP-50, Exceptional, $2,395.00

1974 .Marshall JMP-50, Exceptional,  $2,395.00**NEW ARRIVAL** Wasn't 1974 a magical year? Well maybe it wasn't a stellar year if you were in the Nixon administration and maybe being impeached would slow you down a bit, but people, this was the year Kiss went out ...details

.Mesa Boogie Lone Star Special, Exceptionally Fine, OSSC $3,295.00

 .Mesa Boogie Lone Star Special, Exceptionally Fine, OSSC $3,295.00I know, I know- you're hanging with the boys by the pool, drinking a few cool ones and checking out the local talent while being serenaded by the intro of Van Halen's "Jump," right? Then, without cause or provocation, your head space is temporarily t ...details

1961 Fender Princeton Amp, Very Good, N/A $1,995.00

1961 Fender Princeton Amp, Very Good, N/A $1,995.00The band was loading the stage, getting ready for the night's gig and this was the big one. It was the first gig, the blast off, the grand arrival. They were all practiced up and ready for rock. The scene was Bobby McCall's backyard on a makes ...details

1954 Gibson GA-30, Very Good, N/A $1,895.00

1954 Gibson GA-30, Very Good, N/A $1,895.00I was tired of my lady, we´d been together too long.

  • Like a worn-out recording, of a favorite song.
  • So while she lay there sleeping, I read the paper in bed.
  • And in the personals column, there was this letter I read.

  • If you l ...details