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1983 .Fender Precision Bass Elite II, Exceptionally Fine, OHSC $2,295.00

1983 .Fender Precision Bass Elite II, Exceptionally Fine, OHSC $2,295.00I guess you could say that the mark of a really great bass around here is if I want to keep it or not. Now, I'm picky about all of the basses we buy, but there are a rare few that make me look over my shoulder to see if Lee is around and if he ain't, ...details

1978 .Rickenbacker 4001FL, Very Good, OHSC $2,695.00

1978 .Rickenbacker 4001FL, Very Good, OHSC $2,695.00Every once in a blue moon, one can run across an instrument that you just have to have and this fretless 4001 is just such a bass. I'd never owned a fretless Ricky in the 18 years of being in this business, so when I first laid eyes on it at this pas ...details

1990 .Steinberger XL-2, Fine, SSC $3,995.00

1990 .Steinberger XL-2, Fine, SSC $3,995.00If you want to see me get fired up at a guitar show, catch me when I spot a guy walking down an aisle with a Steinberger gigbag slung over his shoulder. I know I have short legs, but I can move real quick when called upon and that's exactly why you s ...details

1980 .Veillette Citron VC-II, Excellent, HSC $3,395.00

1980 .Veillette Citron VC-II, Excellent, HSC $3,395.00The scene is somewhere in New York city, in 1978. Joe Veillette and Harvey Citron are sitting in an upstairs office having a Scotch after a day's work when the subject of making what would become known as the "East Coast Alembic" bass comes up. Remem ...details

2008 Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray 3- EQ, Excellent, OHSC $1,495.00

2008 Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray 3- EQ, Excellent, OHSC $1,495.00"Piezo." This sounds like the word I would use when, after seeing an opera and then attending the after- party, the star walks over to me and asks, "How did you like my performance?" I would simply smile and say, "Piezo." It would have to be the perf ...details