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1992 . Paul Reed Smith, PRS Artist I, Exceptionally Fine, OHSC $5,295.00

1992 . Paul Reed Smith, PRS Artist I, Exceptionally Fine, OHSC $5,295.00If memory serves me correctly, these guitars were made between 1991 and 1993. Yes, friends, Paul mixed up a batch of two hundred of these delightful, delicious, delectable, dazzling Dames. See- I think the secret to the tone of these guitars is in th ...details

2002 .Jackson Phil Collen PC1, Exceptionally Fine, OHSC $0.00

2002 .Jackson Phil Collen PC1, Exceptionally Fine, OHSC $0.00** ON HOLD FOR BRIAN ** Maybe 10 or so years ago, I attended a Def Leppard concert here in Atlanta with my wife and 7 of her girlfriends. Gentlemen, It was me and 8 milfs sweating it out on a hot July evening and sin ...details

1984 .Jackson Soloist C, Fine, OHSC $2,695.00

1984 .Jackson Soloist C, Fine, OHSC $2,695.00 What man doesn't dream of pink? The marketing executives on Madison Avenue know this all too well. When was the last time you walked through the mall and didn't see this name prominently displayed on some 19-something-year-old's behind? You see this ...details

2007 .Jackson Randy Rhoads Flying V, RR1, NOS, OHSC $2,195.00

2007 .Jackson Randy Rhoads Flying V, RR1, NOS, OHSC $2,195.00Lee had just finished cleaning this Rhoads V up and was walking into the office when I held up my hand. "Stop right there," I said. "You know that white Soloist sold in two days, don't cha?" and he nodded his head. I continued, "I also went and looke ...details

1966 .Rickenbacker 345, Excellent, OHSC $4,295.00

1966 .Rickenbacker 345, Excellent, OHSC $4,295.00As we rolled into 2018, I told Lee to grab something cool out of the vault to be the first guitar of the year. He didn't even look up from his work, so I assumed (incorrectly) that I was being ignored so when he walked into the Elkcave with this Rick ...details