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2012 .Gretsch G6120DE Duane Eddy, Exceptionally Fine, OHSC $2,195.00

2012 .Gretsch G6120DE Duane Eddy, Exceptionally Fine, OHSC $2,195.00** TEMP HOLD ** As I recall it was another late night just sitting around the house eating cheese doodles while noodling on the guitar. The T.V. was on TCM and somewhere between smacking and noodling I heard what I t ...details

2002 .Guild Benedetto Johnny Smith Award, Exceptionally Fine, OHSC $6,295.00

2002 .Guild Benedetto Johnny Smith Award, Exceptionally Fine, OHSC $6,295.00Wouldn't finding the perfect and most balanced guitar in the world be like a Shogun finding the perfect katana? Or, shall I say the Katana, or guitar finding you? If you know your Japanese history, then undoubtedly you've heard of Masamune. He was th ...details

1996 .Ibanez Iceman, PS-10 Classic, Exceptionally Fine, OHSC $2,495.00

1996 .Ibanez Iceman, PS-10 Classic, Exceptionally Fine, OHSC $2,495.00I was talking to somebody backstage before, and they were telling me there's a lot of you people that like to drink vodka and orange juice.

If you don't have any idea where that came from, please, and I mean please go now and listen to a D ...details

1985 .Jackson Kelly, Excellent, HSC $1,895.00

1985 .Jackson Kelly, Excellent, HSC $1,895.00On the way to my very first guitar show back in October of 2000, Lee and I were going over the features of some of the guitars we would be looking for. When we got to Jackson guitars, he said, "Cub, you are looking for the "Made in USA" to be under t ...details

1969 .Rickenbacker 381, Excellent, OHSC $6,995.00

1969 .Rickenbacker 381, Excellent, OHSC $6,995.00This guitar represents yet another example of Lee walking into the 'Elkcave, laying a case up on the table and uttering those always welcomed words, "Check it out, Cub." In 'Elk- speak, that means there is something very cool in that case and just li ...details

1967 .Rickenbacker 625, Excellent, OHSC $4,595.00

1967 .Rickenbacker 625, Excellent, OHSC $4,595.00That's right- this is 7 lbs, 6 oz of vintage toaster top, cresting wave sweetness. I couldn't help myself when Lee rolled into the 'Elkcave with this little gem and I just had to sit down with it for a short spell to check it out. To me (and I'm only ...details