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Martin Six String Customs 
If you are searching for a top of the line upgrade to your Les Paul electronics, then please visit Matt and Big Dave over at Martin Six String Customs and see what true top- shelf quality is all about. These are great people with superior products an... more
Gbase is the largest mega- site for guitar dealers in the United States. They provide anyone that so desires with a place to have a virtual store and web presence on the 'net and many of the hits to our website come directly from Gbase. Their influen... more
Barking Dog Guitar Traders, LLC 
Here are some new friends of the 'Elk up in Torrington, CT- Barking Dog Guitars. They're great guys and friends of the 'Elk. Here is what they say on their website and we recommend you visit them whenever you get a chance: "Whether what you looking f... more
Kebo's Bassworks 
Here's our Northern connection when it comes to the "bottom line"- Mr. Kevin Borden and his company, Kebo's Bassworks. He's the go- to guy when it comes to everything bass: from a beginner level, starter bass to an investment- grade, '60 Stacker Jazz... more
Crazy Native Graphic Arts, Inc. 
Steve and his wife, Denise are the ones that do the graphic design and production for GrinningElk. No matter what part of the world you live in, if you've seen one of our GrinningElk T-shirts on somebody, they're responsible for it. They are local to... more
Vintage Guitar Magazine 
Vintage Guitar, for musicians, music lovers and everyone interested in guitars, accessories and gear. This is the Bible for those who love vintage instruments. Cool articles and plenty of photos for guys like me.... more
Amalfitano Pickups 
Did you ever want your guitar to sound better? I was frustrated by the flat response mine had. I went through a lot of name brand pickups which got to be expensive. Several years ago, I purchased a used guitar that had come with one dead pickup.... more
Curt Mangan Strings 
The company was founded by Curt Mangan who has a 46-year history with the guitar. He played and recorded professionally for many years, worked at and owned music stores, built and repaired guitars, taught lessons, wrote music and was Director of Sale... more
BEE-3 Vintage 
Gary and Bonnie Burnett have worked long and hard to produce what has become some of the nation's premier guitar shows and it certainly shows! The venues, dealers and attendees at Bee-3 shows converge to provide what always turns out to be a great w... more
Andrew's Amp Lab 
Jeff Andrews is one of, if not the top amplifier technician in the Southeast and we only use him to tweak and certify all our 'Elk amps. He's the owner of Andrew's Amp Lab here in Atlanta and stands tall with quality service and workmanship by runnin... more
Jimmy Wallace's Dallas Guitar Shows 
Our experiences with Mr. Jimmy Wallace have been nothing short of enlightening. He puts on the largest guitar show on the planet, is truly salt- of -the Earth and has one of the meanest vibratos in Guitardom. When Lee and I are around Jimmy, we alway... more
Mediarail Design 
Mediarail Design is an Atlanta–based design firm excelling in graphic design, web design, interactive media, commercial printing, and media production services. We develop fresh creative work for a wide variety of clients across diverse markets.... more
Morty Beckman's Guitar Expo 
In 2009, Morty Beckman's Guitar Expo will enter its' 21st year of operation. Morty puts on the Orlando and Colombia, S.C guitar shows and is well- known in the industry.... more
4 Amigos Texas Guitar Show 
Ruth and John Brinkman are part of the 4 Amigos Group that puts on the Arlington, Chicago, California and Nashville Guitar Shows. Ruth is the "Head of Security" at these shows and has single handedly changed the buying atmosphere; Even the Amigo assi... more
RS Guitarworks 
We've known Scott and Roy since the early days of RS Guitarworks and have seen their company grow by leaps and bounds to become the world's #1 guitar refinishing and restoration specialists. They are known worldwide for their masterful Relicing trea... more